Tarot Lessons - packages starting at $125


Tarot Lessons - packages starting at $125

from 125.00

Charley's Tarot mentorship is a rare opportunity for a hands on learning experience focused on a practical application of Tarot.

Tarot Lessons are offered in two levels...

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Tarot Lessons are offered in two levels:

Intuitive Tarot: Level 1

Orients beginners toward a modern, down to earth interpretation of Tarot cards. Charley demystifies the meanings of both the Major and Minor Arcana cards. He offers strategies for interpreting complex layouts and sheds light on the rich symbolic language of this ancient spiritual oracle.

Intuitive Tarot: Level 2

For intermediate and advanced students. Charley delves deeper into the mechanics and magic of the Tarot.

  • Discover effective Tarot Card spreads   
  • Learn reading techniques for complex spreads
  • Gain proficiency interpreting context and layout narratives
  • Advanced Tarot guidance tutelage: question and answer