Spiritual Life Guidance

At the intersection of intuition and inspiration

Like a personal trainer for the soul, Charley guides individuals towards clarity and confidence along their spiritual path through interactive instruction. This is a very special opportunity to delve into your own Intuition and innate spiritual potential. These one on one mentoring sessions are geared specifically toward personal empowerment and expanding your spiritual bandwidth . Private life guidance sessions unfold in a unique format directed by Charley's wisdom and visionary insights.

When the student is ready the teacher appears. When the student is truly ready the teacher disappears”.

Lao Tzu~

Thank you Charley, for offering your gifts in service of guiding people home to their undeniable truth. Your lantern of intuition, wisdom and selfless love always brightens my path”. BH - Asheville NC

*Spiritual Life Guidance Mentorship*

Since 1995, Charley has been bringing personal spiritual path guidance to tens of thousands across six continents.

Guidance mentoring sessions are offered globally as private lessons- in person- or via Phone or Video call.

Charley’s Life guidance is progressive, each session building upon the next to inform your personal path of empowerment. Student’s questions are answered in real time and Charley’s guidance is geared to the individual’s spiritual sojourn.

Spiritual Life Guidance Sessions

Life Guidance private session $150. ( Approximately forty-five minutes) or purchase a package of private lessons at a discount!

( 3- Life Guidance sessions- $400. 6 -Life Guidance sessions - $750. 12- Life Guidance sessions - 1,500 )

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The Power & Practice of Intuition

Level 1

Intuitive arts development with Charley, providing hands-on experiential tools for cultivating your innate potential.

  • Discover symbolic sight

  • Discern your dominant perceptual route

  • Learn to perceive and receive guide impressions

  • Gain facility by practicing the silver screen exercise

  • Enjoy depth perception exercises for accurate insights

  • Learn how to distinguish guidance from mind chatter

Level 2

A deeper dive into the intuitive arts with Charley. 

  • Energy containment exercises

  • Clarity control techniques

  • Psychic Hygiene 101

  • Open question and answer

*Charley Castex Intuitive Arts *

Intuitive Development private lesson. $150. or purchase a package of lessons at a discount!

(Each lesson level is offered in approximately 45 minute sessions)

The Power and Practice of Intuition

  • Mentorship 2019 packages:

3- Intuitive Development private lessons - $400.

6- Intuitive Development private lessons - $750. 12- Intuitive Development private lessons- $1,500.

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Tarot Mastery

Level 1

Charley orients beginners toward a modern, down to earth interpretation of Tarot cards. Charley demystifies the meanings of both the Major and Minor Arcana cards. He offers strategies for interpreting complex layouts and sheds light on the rich symbolic language of this ancient spiritual oracle. 

Level 2

For intermediate and advanced students, Charley delves deeper into the mechanics and magic of the Tarot.

  • Discover effective Tarot Card spreads

  • Learn reading techniques for complex spreads

  • Gain proficiency interpreting context and layout narratives

  • Advanced Tarot guidance tutelage: question and answer

Tarot Mastery with Charley Castex

*One on one Tarot lesson with Charley Castex: $150. or purchase a package of lessons at a discount!

(Each level of lessons are offered in approximately 45 minute sessions)

Tarot Mastery 2019 Lesson packages: 3- private Tarot lessons - $400. 6- private Tarot lessons - $750. 12- private Tarot lessons -1,500.

Contact Castex Consultations to request your mentorship experience with Charley Castex.

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