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For folks, who haven’t received our recent Guidance Newsletter Email— Here’s the latest!
Great News!  Our Power & Practice of Intuition, mini audio course, has released—both on digital & physical CD platforms! Having performed both the message and the music, I am feeling like a pretty proud guy.
It was a full volume day of swelling cymbals, ceremonial gongs, and plucking strings. Producer Marina K and I paced the circular cage of Amadell Studio as rain drops tapped on the overhead skylights. My trusty Rickenbacker electric guitar sang solo beneath the spotlight, while five other sexy guitars observed, maids in waiting at Jerry Garcia’s garage. We were plumbing audio production depths, aspiring towards an epic Intuitive shakedown.
Raising our overworked eyes from the room filled with gold glitter drums and shiny cymbals, we watched the forest breathe in fog and exhale birdsong. Then back to work, out of my beginner’s mind shimmered a sonic sunburst, producer Marina whispered - “perfect”.. and something pretty squealed, as a digital grin cut grooves in the record.
Enjoy exploring the Power and Practice of Intuition CD/download. We crafted it with love so the listener has a soothing, meditative experience while receiving rich Intuitive Insights.

Many of you receiving Charley Castex Guidance news are from varied states, countries and even continents, but for our North Carolina locals- we are re-announcing our new office at 107 Merrimon Avenue in downtown Asheville NC!
Sometimes life revolves in a nearly perfect circle. The French have a saying: “Plus ca change- plus c’est  la meme chose” which means- the more things change, the more they stay the same.
So, here we are, over twenty years later, in the swollen heart of Asheville. I find myself back on Merrimon Avenue where as a twenty something, I started serving, “take out- psychic guidance” from the low rent bowels of a funky geodesic dome. Only this time, we are tucked inside a modest, aging office complex with a stunning view of the Trader Joes’ parking lot.  The eternal real estate mantra: “location x3” prevails…  and our new, easy to find office, is as cozy as a former motel from the fifties can be in 2019.

Also, coming up are several Live Guidance Events and In- Person Readings in The US Southeast (Virginia- Tennessee- South Carolina) for Summer 2019! Stay tuned- to our page for emerging details.

It’s going to be a great summer! 
Grace forward,
Charley Castex


Power and Practice of Intuition- mini audio course

Coming very soon!

The Power and Practice of Intuition by Charley Castex

Produced by Only Love Press and Marina K.

This beautiful DIY mini audio course will soon be released on both CD and Digital download formats.

Recorded live at Amadell Retreat Center North Carolina in the fall of 2018.

Charley composed and performed the musical soundtrack to this soothing hands on adventure of sensing from your soul.


Charley Castex Interview with Astrologer Carmina Amza

A lovely, thought provoking flight through metaphysical skies with Charley and Host Carmina Amza

Enjoy and share….

New 2018 Interview with Charley Castex about Guidance, Intuition, card reading and his forth coming book: “Original Bliss” A psychic perspective.

Hosted by Carmina Amza from Romania.

Carmina Amza is an astrologer, card reader and author. You can find out more about her via her website

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2018 Holiday Guidance Gift Certificates

Announcing 2018 Holiday season Guidance Gift Certificates!

Once again- we are offering Holiday Gift Certificates for folks that love sharing the gift of Charley’s guidance with their loved ones.

The Charley Castex Holiday certificates are name personalized and conveniently emailed to your inbox!

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New Charley Castex Studio- New Mentoring sessions

Exciting news! We have opened the doors to our new office in downtown Asheville NC ! The new Castex Consultations Studio is cozy, quiet and conveniently located in the heart of Asheville on 107 Merrimon Avenue.

Come check out the new Castex Studio!

(Note-Picture is early stage progress on office!)
And, fresh from the new developments file- we just launched our new Personal Mentoring sessions. After twenty-three years of hosting group guidance events- with lofty program titles like: “Becoming Visionary” “Original Bliss” and “Energy Alchemy,” it seems the next logical step is to encapsulate these teachings into personalized instruction for folks across the country or on the other side of the world.


The Charley Castex Mentoring Sessions are about receiving head to heart guidance on  expanding your inner spiritual life. The teachings center on methods and mechanics for activating intuition and tapping the transcendent on the spiritual path.
This precious, empowering exchange takes place at the intersection of intuition and inspiration – I’ll meet you there!
Happy Fall & Grace Always

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“ When the Student is ready the teacher appears. When the student is truly ready the teacher disappears. ” Lao Tzu~

When the Student is ready the teacher appears. When the student is truly ready the teacher disappears.” Lao Tzu~