Holiday Gift Certificates

Happy Holidays,

As 2018 approaches many of us are poised to take personal fulfillment and inner peace more seriously than ever before. Although we live in trying times – it’s also very true that we are the ones who have to try.

I encourage us all to hunker down into what matters most this holiday season; the magical intangibles of  human connection- clarity of mind and the boundless bliss found in simply enjoying beingness.

In the spirit of inspiration and insight, we are happy to announce the arrival of Holiday

                                                         Guidance Gift Certificates!

(Through January 15 2018)   Charley Castex Guidance Gift Certificates are $15 off

Also of note: Charley  now provides easy breezy, secure- on-line booking!

December 15th launches our upcoming Florida tour for “In-person Consultations” in Bradenton Florida. Concurrently, Private phone readings for folks nationwide will remain fully available. 


Wishing you all beautiful Holidays. Cheers.. toward a brand new year for following your bliss!

Charley Castex -Psychic Consultant




Recent Guidance Event in Greenville, SC

Thank you Greenville! Our summer Guidance Event at Unity was inspired by a beautiful crowd of eager spiritual seekers!

Intuition is nature’s own GPS.
— Charley Castex
 Guidance Event in Greenville - Summer 2017

Guidance Event in Greenville - Summer 2017

 Guidance Event in Greenville - Summer 2017

Guidance Event in Greenville - Summer 2017

Our subjective sense of personal identity is equal to the definitive inner reality we create, by the quality of our thoughts and the clarity of healthy emotions
— Charley Castex

It’s a matter of which news feed we mentally subscribe to - The question is binary: “Do I choose to identify and interpret my own reality on the basis of love or fear?"

Preparing for Guidance

Spectacular Achievement is always preceded by un-spectacular preparation.
— Robert H. Schuller

How can I best prepare for receiving a reading?

To best prepare both mind and Spirit, I suggest receiving your reading in an undistracted environment, to be fully present. Comfortably focus on the guidance streaming through your session. Imagine the Dalai Lama asking his questions in a hypothetical reading – he likely would be open to receiving clear answers but probably wouldn’t try to push the guidance along with “helpful” narrative. Reading is a sensitive energetic process –being tuned into the here and now is essential for smooth and seamless interpretation of clairvoyant imagery. Pray, breathe and or meditate before your session, if nothing else it will relax the monkey mind and activate a more receptive state of being. Most of all, enjoy the magic- open your self to hearing guidance from the heart and for the heart.

Beginners Mind

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities but in the expert’s, there are few.
— Shunryo Suzuki

As children we begin life with a near infinite sense of wonder- a screaming impulse to explore. The trick, according to the Zen Buddhists, is to maintain and sustain the “beginner’s mind” throughout the nine innings of your earthly ballgame. Getting out of your own way is the implicit objective of beginner’s mind mentality.

A full mind is an empty bat.
— Yogi Berra

For the Intuitive arts; Beginner’s mind is zero point for launching profound, perceptual clarity. A mind entirely composed of possibilities is not necessarily empty, just an uncluttered, receptive mind.

 Zen Master Angie, exemplar of the beginner's mind

Zen Master Angie, exemplar of the beginner's mind

Connecting with source needn’t knock anybody out, aligning with your soul is supposed to be effortless. Joseph Campbell was once asked what his spiritual practice consisted of, he replied: “I underline books”. As a stellar scholar he was pointing out “Spiritual Work” is flexibly relative to each individual’s passion and purpose.

Apply these three strategies to your daily spiritual workout...
These energetic exercises restore balance and redefine our collective identity as spiritual beings, having a human experience.

  1. Reconnecting with nature
  2. Internalizing inner focus and sensory feeling (Meditation/quieting)
  3. Actively expressing and experiencing love

Look forward to seeing you all at my Summer/Fall Guidance events!
Have a beautiful Summer folks…
Grace Always…

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