Holiday Gift Certificates

Happy Holidays,

As 2018 approaches many of us are poised to take personal fulfillment and inner peace more seriously than ever before. Although we live in trying times – it’s also very true that we are the ones who have to try.

I encourage us all to hunker down into what matters most this holiday season; the magical intangibles of  human connection- clarity of mind and the boundless bliss found in simply enjoying beingness.

In the spirit of inspiration and insight, we are happy to announce the arrival of Holiday

                                                         Guidance Gift Certificates!

(Through January 15 2018)   Charley Castex Guidance Gift Certificates are $15 off

Also of note: Charley  now provides easy breezy, secure- on-line booking!

December 15th launches our upcoming Florida tour for “In-person Consultations” in Bradenton Florida. Concurrently, Private phone readings for folks nationwide will remain fully available. 


Wishing you all beautiful Holidays. Cheers.. toward a brand new year for following your bliss!

Charley Castex -Psychic Consultant