Metaphysical Musings

The point of widening your spiritual vision is to venture beyond mere observation - to see straight to the core of self and visually penetrate the tough outer rind of the physical world. If you are brave enough, as a Spiritual seeker you can will yourself to become “visionary”. Signs – wonders and portents always loom about – mystics are the only oddballs to take notice. We just have to dare to look closer... much closer.

I conceive of my function as a Psychic like a Metaphysical air traffic controller. I navigate each message to its final destination. I toil at fitting the correct puzzle pieces into a personal portrait of perceptions. I have to be listening in the extreme, often while delivering impressions. I am split down the middle, verbally interpreting and relaying imagery with one ear craned toward the stream of incoming guidance data.

Intuition is more a matter of the soul than the mind. Cultivating Intuition is actually quite simple. Just make room for perception by creating space in the heart and mind for something other than neurosis and narcissism. Same principal applies when decorating a room - you start by emptying out closets and moving furniture, creating open space to work with.

I invite you to open head, heart, and inner eye. Prepare for profound depth perception.

Grace & Guidance Abides,