Successful Intuition Seminar in Asheville

The Asheville, North Carolina seminar was a great success! We had full capacity attendance within the coziness of the Heart House. The eager, spunky Asheville crowd inspired me to deliver my best Intuitive group lesson, which encapsulated into two and a half brief hours. Plans are in the works for a larger (possibly two-day) Intuition seminar in late winter/early spring 2013!

For most folks, the Intuitive arts are somewhat of a conceptual abstraction, yet Mothers Intuition and daily “gut instincts” inform, guide, and reliably protect us all. Intuition, at the end of the day, is not really such an esoteric subject. The challenge is to make room in both the “hard drive” of the head and heart so guidance can be heard. One of my very first lessons on intuition came from my early mentor - the late, great Sun Bear. He said, “Charley… Intuition is not supernatural, its completely natural.” I have been leading an all-natural lifestyle ever since.