Recent Guidance Event in Greenville, SC

Thank you Greenville! Our summer Guidance Event at Unity was inspired by a beautiful crowd of eager spiritual seekers!

Intuition is nature’s own GPS.
— Charley Castex
Guidance Event in Greenville - Summer 2017

Guidance Event in Greenville - Summer 2017

Guidance Event in Greenville - Summer 2017

Guidance Event in Greenville - Summer 2017

Our subjective sense of personal identity is equal to the definitive inner reality we create, by the quality of our thoughts and the clarity of healthy emotions
— Charley Castex

It’s a matter of which news feed we mentally subscribe to - The question is binary: “Do I choose to identify and interpret my own reality on the basis of love or fear?"

Preparing for Guidance

Spectacular Achievement is always preceded by un-spectacular preparation.
— Robert H. Schuller

How can I best prepare for receiving a reading?

To best prepare both mind and Spirit, I suggest receiving your reading in an undistracted environment, to be fully present. Comfortably focus on the guidance streaming through your session. Imagine the Dalai Lama asking his questions in a hypothetical reading – he likely would be open to receiving clear answers but probably wouldn’t try to push the guidance along with “helpful” narrative. Reading is a sensitive energetic process –being tuned into the here and now is essential for smooth and seamless interpretation of clairvoyant imagery. Pray, breathe and or meditate before your session, if nothing else it will relax the monkey mind and activate a more receptive state of being. Most of all, enjoy the magic- open your self to hearing guidance from the heart and for the heart.

Depth Perception - Mini Intuitive Primer

The following is an excerpt from Charley’s Intuitive Awakening seminars.

A mini primer on cultivating intuitive perceptual clarity.

The perpetual process of Intuition is one of grabbing clues, signposts, and hunches when they first land on your radar, the golden rule is applying soft – not hard - focus.

The first intuitive impression received, I call a “guide impression”. Guide Impressions are fleeting flashes that illuminate the sensory pallet a split second before analysis sets in. Guidance, like food, is best enjoyed fresh. So these guide impressions need to be captured and interpreted in a flash.

Intuitive Guidance is routed through a threefold context of distinct time zones- past, present and future. Guidance however, is largely about now. Guidance prefers now, to then and when.
Guidance is biased toward the present and just occasionally hints at the future. Accept the challenge to embrace every inner perception as an incoming package of personal revelation. Receiving guidance is not nearly as arduous as one might imagine. If you want to know what your guidance system is telling you – start the engines by listening.

Here is the Pro Intuitive four step process:

  1. Listening (internally)
  2. Feeling (internally)
  3. Suspending analytical thought
  4. Run with your guidance“- manifest vision tangibly in the world... trust your sensory map and gently move along the path of depth perception.

Intuition functions as the navigational system and immune system for the soul. Embedded and encoded in your blood and bones is a compass that always points true north. Interiorize your focus. Looking inward, practice presence and quieting- just seat into stillness and your inner lens won’t fog.

Intuition is an early warning system, the alarm sounding inside your nerves when things are amiss. Intuition’s guiding force puts “eyes” in the back of your head, navigating you toward nourishing critical choices. By trusting your gut, you save mammoth amounts of time and energy over second guessing. Guidance speaks in subtle, hushed tones… listen deeply- enjoy the ride.

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