Return to Roatan

Back from Roatan Island, Honduras! Our 7-Day Spiritual Retreat was a rich composite of Grace, purring surf, tropical breezes, and gut busting laughter amongst our ensemble. The azure Caribbean Sea holds sway to the second largest coral reef system in the world, incredible underwater gardens! This curious little Paradise Island called Roatan worked its subtle magic on me, Kathryn, and our exceptional group. Join us – the next 2015 Caribbean Spiritual Retreat will be put into the detail works soon!

Waiting on the Island departure line at airport, a fellow asked me in a confusingly condensing tone, “You couldn’t leave your guitar at home while on vacation?” No sir, definitely not. One time I spent a month traveling about Italy without guitars or drums... I nearly returned home sporting a straitjacket. Music floated on the lofty currents of Roatan Island.

I actually enjoy playing for folks. In fact, we all played found instruments together. We waxed campy on African drums, jungle vocals, and solitary acoustic guitar. Some danced impressively to our joyous racket. Upachaya Eco Lodge auspiciously supplied a drum set in the Mangrove event room. How synchronistic is that?

On Island, I also played an impromptu gig sitting in with the local band, performing on the marina of a beatific bay (no house drum set there) but I shook the Tambourine and wildly beat a sonorous wood beam bracing the dock simulating drums. In an effort to please the ears of the packed house, I improvised melodic suggestions on both a Honduran beer bottle and a high pitched cocktail glass (not mine... I was conspicuously well behaved drinking only bottled water).

The seven day Spiritual Retreat was capped off with my appearance on the “Holistic Living” radio show with Barbara Wastart, which aired March 1st. I discussed approaches to demystifying the organic process of perceiving guidance. It was a good interview and a recording was secured, once we edit out the commercials it will post in on the Press & Media page. Enjoy this metaphysical Food for Thought - a tasty morsel of sustenance for the soul.

“Holistic Living” radio show with Barbara Wastart

“Holistic Living” radio show with Barbara Wastart

As a professional intuitive I am most often asked how I can be sure an impression is “true” and not just a random passing thought. My two word explanation is - subtle discernment. Much like a book that “leaps” off the shelf amongst other titles at the book store, genuine guidance captures your attention. Real guidance has a glow around it - it gleams. Not getting caught up in the idea of whether your impressions are fanciful thoughts or genuine spiritual guidance is ironically important. A person has to relax analytical thinking and judging faculties to embrace feeling.
Interpreting inner guidance is fully a matter of feeling. Messages calling for attention are glaringly obvious, so take notice of that glow emanating from the Elephant in your room.

How can you know when your stomach is full? You sense it organically, employing the same nerve endings that identify various sensations like butterflies in the belly. The first step of Intuitive Development is discerning affirmative signals from negative signals (thumbs up or thumbs down). Notice how inner impressions emotionally strike you; are you left with a feeling of buoyancy or weightiness?

The secret, strange to say, is complete lack of attachment to incoming information. A good Intuitive doesn’t worry too much whether incoming imagery is imagined or real. They just progressively deepen the art of listening. When you can sense beyond the surface of thought, you will be well on your way to awakening Intuition. Good fisherman can feel the first wiggle-jiggle of thin nylon line... you can just as easily sense inner imagery and sensations. Practice casting your line of attention internally – if you hook an old tire, just throw it back and patiently wait for the “big one” to bite. If you dig deeper, eventually the vein of insight gets tapped.

I read for the heart, from the heart – my technique is simple. Internally I look, listen, feel, and focus. Guidance is directive grace in the skeletal lining of your soul waiting to be discovered. Dig in.

Grace always,

Preparing for a Reading

Intuition does not come to an unprepared mind.
— Albert Einstein

I am often asked, “How can I best prepare for my reading?” To prepare mind and spirit I suggest to have your reading in an undistracted environment and be fully present. Comfortably focus on the guidance presently streaming through your session. If you have burning personal questions, try to present them in the spirit of “non-attachment” (as best you can). Imagine asking your questions as if you were the Dalai Lama – open to receiving clear answers but not trying to “push the guidance” along. It is always best to be fully seated in the present when asking about your future! Reading is a sensitive energetic process so being tuned into the 'here and now' makes for a smoother interpretation of clairvoyant imagery.

As for me, I prepare a minimum of thirty minutes before my readings. My prep consists of a short, intense meditation combined with prayer, vocal warm ups, visualization exercises (to warm up my mental movie screen), and lastly Hemi-Synch brain balancing exercises.

Spectacular achievement is always preceded by un-spectacular preparation
— Robert H Schuller

For all who have been patiently waiting for extended time with Charley…

7-Day Spiritual Journey with Charley Castex
Upachaya Eco Lodge & Wellness Resort

Roatan Island, Honduras
February 23rd - March 1st, 2014

Roatan, Honduras - Radio Interview & Event

I’m jazzed to be doing double duty on the beautiful island of Roatan, one of the “bay islands” of Honduras.

We’re scheduled late September for the Upachaya Wellness Center – My first ever Central American program is a two plus hour lecture/event boldly titled; “Walk Your Path of Power.”
I am feeling fired up to share spiritual pragmatism and guerilla wisdom inspired by my apprenticeship with Sun Bear… bless his soul... he was an extraordinary medicine man.
details at:

The radio interview with Holistic Living With Barb will air on Roatan radio station 101, September 24th.
Looking forward to kissing the Mesoamerican reef and embracing the grace in Roatan!