Charley honored in 'Top 50 Psychics in the USA'

Honored, humbled, and overjoyed to be amongst the very best in the field of clairvoyant guidance! Jennifur Diamond’s book, “Top Fifty Psychic’s in the USA”, 2016 edition has just been released by Tate Publishing! The Kindle version releases later this week. Diamond has poured much love and intrepid research into compiling the list. Check it out! Kindly post a review or comment on Amazon for this unique directory of talented integrity based clairvoyants.

Post-Tour Update

The folks in Santa Fe, New Mexico have been missing face-to-face readings for more than three years. We enjoyed living in Santa Fe almost four years ago, so returning to the high desert (now verdant from rare consistent rainfall) was a shot in the arm. Thank goodness phone readings have sustained my southwest folks during the interim.

All of my clients in sunny California have also patiently waited since 2008 for my return for in-person readings. It was something of a homecoming for Kathryn and I to rediscover southern and central California’s coastal region. (We had both lived in California a couple of decades ago before fatefully meeting above Mendocino!) So many sights and scents to take in, it feels like a lifetime could be spent just absorbing all the beauty along the Pacific Coast Highway.

In Los Angeles and Santa Fe, all reading slots were sold-out! We also enjoyed a beautiful “Steam Punk” style wedding for our friends and long time supporters Rupam & Tunde in Santa Cruz.

We are looking forward to returning before too long, it is my great joy to share this gift of guidance while traveling on the road to adventure!

Charley & Kathryn awaiting the wedding in Santa Cruz

Charley & Kathryn awaiting the wedding in Santa Cruz

Beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico

Beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico

Announcing a Spiritual Retreat in Italy

It takes a lot more than intellectual knowledge of Medicine Power to become a Medicine Person, and much of what it takes is the ability to feel things, rather than just think about them.
— Sun Bear, Medicine Man

Happy Spring! Up here in Asheville, North Carolina’s mountains spring has finally sprung! Being steeped and surrounded in nature induces perceptual clarity and, as new research claims, is also good for your health. Recent medical research suggests listening to “earth sounds” as an essential strategy for provoking physical and spiritual balance.

In clinical studies we have proven that two hours a day of nature sounds significantly reduce stress hormones up to 800% and will activate 500-600 DNA segments known to be responsible for healing and repairing the body.
— Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Huffington post recently featured yours truly in an article celebrating Medical Intuition! (View our Press & Media page to read the article.) I feel both humbled and thrilled to share my passion for championing clairvoyance and this fascinating Intuitive art known as Medical Intuition. Writer Claudia Ricci’s life was saved by following the accurate guidance of a Medical Intuitive. Her mission is to shed light on Medical Intuition and provide referrals to practitioners with good track records for appraising an individual’s health status. As a high profile Huff Post writer, Claudia brings needed visibility to Intuition’s powerful role in maintaining proactive robust health. :)

Events coming soon...

An Afternoon of Spirit
Live Guidance Event in Asheville, North Carolina
Saturday, May 16th from 4-6PM at the Castex residence
An inspired sharing of messages, answers and spiritual insight are in store.

And also...

Charley Castex Spiritual Retreat in Italy
Villa La Palagina, a resort in Tuscany -
Join us in the lovely Chianti hillside for Spring 2016
Pre-Registration is open as details are being confirmed.
Contact us for more information:

Depth Perception - Mini Intuitive Primer

The following is an excerpt from Charley’s Intuitive Awakening seminars.

A mini primer on cultivating intuitive perceptual clarity.

The perpetual process of Intuition is one of grabbing clues, signposts, and hunches when they first land on your radar, the golden rule is applying soft – not hard - focus.

The first intuitive impression received, I call a “guide impression”. Guide Impressions are fleeting flashes that illuminate the sensory pallet a split second before analysis sets in. Guidance, like food, is best enjoyed fresh. So these guide impressions need to be captured and interpreted in a flash.

Intuitive Guidance is routed through a threefold context of distinct time zones- past, present and future. Guidance however, is largely about now. Guidance prefers now, to then and when.
Guidance is biased toward the present and just occasionally hints at the future. Accept the challenge to embrace every inner perception as an incoming package of personal revelation. Receiving guidance is not nearly as arduous as one might imagine. If you want to know what your guidance system is telling you – start the engines by listening.

Here is the Pro Intuitive four step process:

  1. Listening (internally)
  2. Feeling (internally)
  3. Suspending analytical thought
  4. Run with your guidance“- manifest vision tangibly in the world... trust your sensory map and gently move along the path of depth perception.

Intuition functions as the navigational system and immune system for the soul. Embedded and encoded in your blood and bones is a compass that always points true north. Interiorize your focus. Looking inward, practice presence and quieting- just seat into stillness and your inner lens won’t fog.

Intuition is an early warning system, the alarm sounding inside your nerves when things are amiss. Intuition’s guiding force puts “eyes” in the back of your head, navigating you toward nourishing critical choices. By trusting your gut, you save mammoth amounts of time and energy over second guessing. Guidance speaks in subtle, hushed tones… listen deeply- enjoy the ride.

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Meditation Musings & Winter Events

Journey to the center of self... Meditation is a sanity saving skill that deserves to be honed; steeping in daily silence reintroduces the joy and expansiveness of total being-ness, not just the doing-ness. Although it can take a while to become seated into inner silence, it’s worth every effort. Eventually you will feel a sense of bliss and balance that was previously eclipsed by compulsive busyness.

Meditation is a technique for “reversing the senses.” Through quieting and internalizing focus we redirect energy towards the core of the self. After meditation most folks feel re-set and refreshed, perceiving more vivid color and imagery upon the screen of consciousness.

Too often seekers relate to the practice of turning attention inward as either an exercise in seeking redemption or a frustrating battle to quiet the mind. If we meditate properly, the mind naturally quiets down. We just have to dig through the top layers of restlessness - like drilling a well – patience and persistence pay off. Eventually, when we stabilize to “still point”, we move to the interior where the “light and sound” totally eclipses the runaway train of thoughts taking up real estate in our melons. The process is simple, close your eyes, relax and notice the rhythmic cycle of your breath. Focus on feeling internally – relax into breathing, let the thoughts come and go. If you encounter passing thoughts, redirect focus toward feeling your breath. Relax, let go, and enjoy the ride.

This winter I have several exciting events brewing! Join us for...

An Intimate Evening Salon with Charley
January 16th, 2015
At a Private Residence in Knoxville, Tennessee
For reservations call: (828) 251-5043

The Power and Practice of Intuition
February 21st, 2015
At Jubilee in Asheville, North Carolina
From 4-6 PM for $15/person at the door

Exploration of the Tarot
February 7th, 2015
At a Private Residence in Asheville, North Carolina
From 2-5PM for $45/person
Join Charley for a hands-on learning experience focused on a practical approach to the Tarot.
For reservations call: (828) 251-5043

Kathryn and I wish you & yours a blissful Holiday Season and bright 2015!